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About us

Art Line Company is a modern construction contracting company where the company was established as a simple recommendation company that works in the field of general contracting, fire, air conditioning and land scape networks with its components (swimming pools, agriculture, irrigation networks ...) and integrated finishes. Implementation and appropriate cost commensurate with the Egyptian market.

In the short period, Art Line Contracting Company has achieved a good deal of work as a result of the customer base and programs produced by the company, the most important of which is the focus on the excellent service for the customers and the after sales service. The company aims in the coming period to achieve business integration through expansion In activities related to general contracting.


The company is currently engaged in the following activities:
1. Landscape works (agriculture and irrigation systems - swimming pools - lakes and fountains).
2. Fire and air-conditioning works.
3 - Construction works and interior and exterior finishes and finishes Almzayek.

Art Line Construction
29 El Obour Bldgs., Salah Salem, Nasr City, Cairo.
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